Alumni Spotlight: Vania Revelina ’19, M.S. ’20

Program: M.S. in Business Analytics
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Undergraduate Experience: LMU | B.S. in Applied Mathematics
Current Position: Media Analyst, Palisades Media Group

What was the a-ha moment that led you to apply to graduate school at LMU?
I’m a very detail-oriented person. I’m attracted to facts and data, so I studied math as an undergrad. I never thought I would go right into grad school, but after hearing about the MSBA program at a career fair during my senior year, I attended an information session. Professor Sijun Wang spoke at the session and explained what business analytics is all about. It sounded very interesting to me and made sense with my math background. Also, the program’s capstone project was unique which allowed students to work with real companies and their data. It was really cool to have something like that built into the program.

What do you hope to achieve professionally with your LMU graduate education?
There are a lot of career opportunities in data and business analytics right now. When I started the program, my target industry was tech but then I interned at a marketing agency and it was pretty fun. So, I continued working there after graduation. Wherever I work, I want to make a difference.

What class did you enjoy the most?
“Data Models, Decisions and Analytics” with Professor Kala Seal. He introduced us to Power Query. It was mind blowing that you can do so much in Excel! That was my favorite class.

What did you do during your time off from class?
While in the program, I took 15 credits plus an internship, but when I could make it out, I loved Angel City Brewery in Downtown LA – great beer and they have board games!