CBA Faculty Receive Grant Funding from IAJBS

The International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS) has awarded nearly $60,000 in grant funding to support CBA pedagogy related to the Inspirational Paradigm. All six proposals submitted by CBA faculty were selected, which is impressive considering the request for proposal was shared with 90 IAJBS schools, published on IgnitED and the selection committee was an international panel.

The Inspirational Paradigm is a pathway to drive transformation in Jesuit business education that addresses today’s challenges and builds opportunities for positive change. Faculty are encouraged to develop materials – such as videos, podcasts, teaching notes, etc. – that will assist Jesuit business schools around the world to align themselves with its philosophy.

Congratulations to the following faculty on their proposals being selected:

  • Ellen Ensher and Kelly Watson: “The Use of Virtual Reality in Graduate Global Studies: Empowering Students to See, Connect and Learn”
  • Mitch Hamilton and Julian Saint Clair: “Applied Learning in Societal Transformation: A-List in Business Education”
  • Sijun Wang and Richard Tang: “Immersive Community Understanding with Data Analytics” and “Discrimination in Data Analytics”
  • Anatoly Zhuplev and Nataly Blas: “Applications in Experiential Learning and Regional Socio-Economic Development”
  • Madhu Viswanathan and Ron Duncan: “Incorporating Global Sustainability into the Curriculum through Virtual Immersion”
  • Alex Glosenberg: “Jesuit Entrepreneurship Training (JET) – Curriculum for developing a resiliently innovative and proactive (RIP’d) mindset”