CBA Introduces New Core Curriculum

Starting fall 2020, the College of Business Administration will introduce a new core curriculum to better serve its students. By shifting from a 3-unit to a 4-unit core curriculum, students will receive enhanced instruction in core business fundamentals that will be key to their future career success. In addition, the move to four units aligns the CBA core curriculum with the LMU core curriculum, streamlining the advising process and making it easier for students to create a graduation plan that works for them.

The biggest change for current students is moving from three units to four units. The CBA Undergraduate Advising Team has worked tirelessly to ensure every student has a full understanding of this shift. Every continuing student received a personalized transition advising map which lays out exactly how they can graduate on time. In addition, the college developed a Brightspace course (part of its internal learning management software) that provides timely updates about the transition, scheduled information sessions via Zoom and a list of advisors to answer students’ questions. 

First year and transfer students will benefit from the revised curriculum from day one. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, they will take the inaugural “Business for Good” class, where students develop a viable business plan in their first year. This course poses a question which we hope will endure throughout their time at LMU: what does it mean to be a business leader who is acting as a force for good in society? This class is highly interactive, with student teams working together to design a product that could be used to help the most vulnerable in our global society. They will get a chance to interview people from around the world, better understand the challenges of people in subsistence marketplaces, and reflect on how these experiences will shape them into a better business leader.

Another great opportunity for all students – new and continuing – is CBA Advantage. While this is required for all first year and transfer students, all students will be able to take advantage of this new program. College is about opportunity, and CBA Advantage was designed from the ground up to give students more opportunities to succeed than ever before. This program invites students to events with inspiring speakers and inventive workshops, rewards them for being campus leaders, and exposes them to a network of alumni and friends based in Silicon Beach and across Los Angeles. Over the course of their time at LMU, students will use this program to develop an ePortfolio of all the learning they have done outside the classroom, which can then be used to bolster their resume and land that key internship and first job. Best of all, they will be able to manage this all from their phone! It’s just another way the College of Business Administration is innovating to give all students the tools they need to learn and grow.