Center for Asian Business Hosts Korean MBA Students from Yonsei University

In July, LMU’s Center for Asian Business hosted 38 MBA students from Yonsei University, a prestigious research university in Seoul, South Korea. For the fifth consecutive year, the program treated the students and their accompanying professor and associate dean to lectures, corporate visits, a campus tour and a special welcome reception at CBA Dean Smith’s home.

The week-long program focused on “Innovation in the Entertainment Industry” and included morning lectures by Dr. Mitch Hamilton, LMU Marketing & Business Law Professor; Steve Rossmann, Senior Director of Entertainment, United Entertainment Group and LMU Adjunct Professor of Marketing at LMU; Dr. David Offenberg, LMU Finance Professor; and Dr. Yongsun Paik, LMU International Business & Management Professor and Director of the Center for Asian Business and Center for International Business Education. The group spent the afternoons visiting local entertainment companies, including Electronic Arts, IMAX, Disney Animation and Google.

A farewell lunch reception was held on the final day of the program, where students received awards for their participation. Feedback received from the Yonsei students was overwhelmingly positive. They enjoyed spending time in Los Angeles and learning about the latest entertainment industry trends.