CMS Students Publish Article on Mobile Brand Interaction in Southeast Asia

CBA Professor Kala Seal and eight MBA students from the 2013 CMS Program (including Kae Ahanonu, Patrick Biggerstaff, Aleks Flacuks, Marc Hatfield, Matt Nahman, Terry Tram, Kris Woods and Daniel Yerelian) co-wrote an article titled “Mobile Brand Interaction in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Study” which published in the Winter 2013 issue of The International Journal of Mobile Marketing.

Access the full article: International Journal of Mobile Marketing Winter 2013 Vol 8 No 2

“I am so proud of my CMS students for all their hard work and research put into this paper,” said Seal, who also serves as CMS Program Director. “I can honestly say this was one of the best CMS groups I’ve ever worked with.”

Congrats to all!