LA Chamber of Commerce Publishes CBA Student Research Papers

The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce recently published two research papers written by business students from Professor Anatoly Zhuplev’s classes.

The first paper, written by MBA students Whitney Ahlo, Karina Branum, Laura Cepeda, Shelley Chen, Cody Howsmon, Jessica Hu, James Prananto, Arturo Rosales and Anthony Walker, is titled “Achieving Sustainable Urban Development” and explores the drivers, dynamics, trends and implications of sustainable urban development practices in California and the Nordic Region. This paper was the outcome of the Comparative Management Systems (CMS) Program, in which MBA students traveled to Scandinavia to meet business executives and find answers to their business issues.

The second paper, written by undergraduate students Colin Camp, David Bloom, Ryan Fromm, Natalie Ang, Patrick Chang and Christophe Deturmeny, is titled “Comparing California’s Competitiveness in the International Business Framework” and serves to provide analysis into the main facets of what currently makes California businesses internationally competitive. It delves into how government programs and economic policy, exports and production, and foreign direct investment benefit or damper the success and growth of business.

Professor Zhuplev is co-chair of global trade education strategies for the Global Initiatives Council, one of the top programs at the Chamber. The Global Initiatives Council works to create employment opportunities throughout Southern California by increasing exports, imports and foreign investment for companies of all sizes, and for the communities in which they conduct business. Access to key information and resources is one of the tools that the Council strives to provide its members.

Click here to access the research papers on the Chamber’s website.