LMU Business Exchange Focuses on Transformational Leadership

By Lydia Chen Shah (MBA ’05) 

The art of management is more than a discipline. It’s a skill or many would say a set of skills that must be honed and constantly refined. These skills require practice, an open mind, and examples which lead to inspiration, action and transformational leadership.

Led by management professor Dr. Charles Vance and local talent management professionals from The Wentworth Company, the LMU Business Exchange (LMUBX) recently relaunched its speaker series focused on transformational leadership. Combining real-world validation and academic rigor, this series brings together a community of business leaders working together to advance these concepts throughout for-profit and non-profit organizations.


At the LMU Business Exchange relaunch event on May 31, 2014, Randy Noe, leadership expert and author of “Leading Well: The Essence of Wholehearted Inspirational Leaders,” shared the following key takeaways for outstanding leaders.

1. Lead with authenticity.
2. Show gratitude to people in your life.
3. Know when to say no, which sometimes means putting your personal needs above work.
4. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to others.


“This event made me realize some of the things I had forgotten to do in my workplace. One week later, I had already put some of the leadership practices into effect with great results,” shared Madison Laird, CEO of Funding Profiles (MBA ‘93). Madison’s wife, who works for a Fortune 100 company, also enjoyed the event and Randy Noe’s message. “My wife punched me in the ribs when Randy talked about sleep deprivation and its effects. I started sleeping an extra hour a night and found myself being more productive during my waking hours,” added Madison.

For Norma Miranda, Project Management – Global Operations at Herbalife (MBA ‘07), the leadership message that rang home “linked Jesuit ideals of being a contribution” and demonstrating “servant leadership with executive coaching and advice.”

Norma highlighted, “I liked the focus on authenticity. Being true, honest and open to who you are is a key way of helping further those who report to you. Be present and live with intent.”


The LMU Business Exchange series is open to all MBA Program students, alumni, business leaders and management professionals who desire an engaged community of participation about the art of management. Stay tuned for the next LMUBX event in September 2014!