LMU Welcomes EMBA Class of 2018

The LMU Executive MBA Program hosted its annual Leadership Retreat from August 17-21 both at the Westchester campus and Manhattan Beach Marriott to welcome the new EMBA class.

The Leadership Retreat is a five-day event preceding the start of classes that introduces students to the program and provides training on self-awareness and confidence building; how to balance school, family and career; formation of class teams, and meeting first-semester professors.

“We have an impressive and diverse group of students for our new EMBA class,” said Rich Stafford, LMU EMBA Director. “The retreat is the first part of their 20-month journey that introduces them to the curriculum, and teaches them essential skills for their success in the program and their careers.”

The students kicked off the retreat with an evening reception where they got to meet each other for the first time.

The next day, the class began a two-day course led by Brad Childs & Associates that took them through various exercises on trust and confidence building, personality awareness, and culminated with scaling a 25-foot rock climbing wall.

The group spent its fourth day in the classroom with their first-semester or “Module 1” professors of finance, accounting, economics and decision support.

On day five, students were joined by their spouses and family members for a lecture on what their loved ones will be going through during the program, and how they can support them. The lecture also included time management skills and how to balance school, family and work schedules.

The class, known as EMBA 17 (the seventeenth class of the EMBA program), consists of 23 mid-to-senior level managers and leaders representing various industries and backgrounds including entrepreneurs and corporate/organizational professionals. EMBA 17 is scheduled to graduate in May 2018.