Luke Visser ’21: My Summer Internship at the World Trade Center Los Angeles

LMU senior Luke Visser is pursuing a degree in finance with a concentration in international business and recently completed a rewarding internship in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at the World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA). He received funding for this internship from the Center for International Business Education and Career and Professional Development.

Working directly under the President of WTCLA, Luke started in downtown Los Angeles in January, then continued his internship virtually through the summer. In his position, he had the opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills to address the current crisis. Luke said, “One of my favorite parts of the internship was organizing and assisting in the production of a series of webinars to promote economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19.”

In addition to the work related to the economic recovery, Luke managed the creation of foreign direct investment reports for the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, Japan, and New Zealand. He found working on the report for the State of California to be the most unique. “The report was the first of its kind,” Luke said, “encompassing the entire state rather than just Los Angeles or the Southern California Region like in previous years.” These reports were provided to government officials and consulate heads to provide a better understanding of the industries and locations where FDI was having the strongest impact on the economy.

At LMU, Luke also excels in and out of the classroom. He is a College of Business Administration Dean’s List Appointee as well as president and captain of the men’s lacrosse team. He has been named a Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Scholar Athlete. Luke has also studied abroad with the Center for Asian Business’ “Exploring Asian Culture” course, traveling to both S. Korea and China.

Reflecting on his experience, Luke feels that his internship provided him with an invaluable experience and insight into both the public and private sectors of international business. He described working with foreign companies looking to expand in Los Angeles markets as well as consulates hoping to strengthen their ties within the region as “a unique and rewarding experience.”

As he looks towards his senior year, Luke believes he has been lucky to have had several inspiring professors and mentors and described his LMU experience as “incredible.” He is eager to reunite with the men’s lacrosse team after a season that was cut short by COVID-19. Noting that this will be his last season, he said, “It will be a special year for the team if we are able to play.”

After graduation, Luke hopes to work as a market entry consultant for companies looking to expand operations internationally. He said, “This would be an excellent opportunity to combine my knowledge of finance with my passion for global markets and international affairs.”