M.S. in Management Graduate Pursues His Passion for Sports

By Catherine Kennedy ’22

Clinton Branch, M.S. ’21, knows that when challenging situations arise, having confidence, patience and following your heart often lead to greater success. This unwavering faith and dedication has kept him focused on his dreams of working in the sports industry. Already, Clinton has gained experience with the LA Clippers, Rose Bowl and the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

“My love of sports likely comes from my family,” said Clinton, who graduated in May from the LMU M.S. in Management program. “My entire family is filled with sports fans, and some of my earliest memories as a child include a ball in my hand.”

His love of sports resulted in a lifelong quest for knowledge, as Clinton frequently read Sports Illustrated Kids magazine to learn more about the industry.

Today, Clinton utilizes his knowledge and passion as a tour ambassador at SoFi Stadium, a $5 billion entertainment hub that’s home to the LA Rams and LA Chargers.

“If you choose the right job, you will never feel like you are working a day in your life,” he says.

Some of Clinton’s favorite positions thus far include a ticket raffle salesperson for the LA Clippers and sales intern with Rose Bowl Premium Seating, an opportunity that allowed him to experience the business side of the sports industry.

Each experience has better prepared Clinton to enter the business world along with his M.S. in Management degree.

“I originally wanted to apply to the LMU MBA program, but after having a great conversation about my career interests and goals with [Director] Dustin Cornwell, I concluded that my interests would be best maximized if I instead applied to the LMU M.S. in Management program,” said Clinton.

Clinton’s favorite part of the M.S. in Management program was getting to interact and meet various people who were just as motivated and determined to succeed.

“I am at my best when working with like-minded individuals who are trying to become great,” he shared. “It’s inspiring. Developing a sense of community with the students and professors despite the barriers placed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic was nothing short of remarkable.”

Looking ahead, Clinton will continue to seek career opportunities that align with his passions, with the ultimate goal of securing a front office executive position with a professional sports organization in inside sales, global partnerships, marketing or business operations.

Never losing sight of his dreams, Clinton shares a quote that motivates him to reach for the stars.

“One of my favorite quotes from the great Langston Hughes is, ‘Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.’ To me, this means we as a people should always continue pushing forward and never quit on our personal dreams.”