Marina Samson ’13 on LMU’s Values-Driven EMBA Program

Program: Executive MBA, entering fall 2020
Hometown: Glendale, CA
Current Position: Associate Attorney, Law Office of Lewis Brisbois
Undergraduate Experience: Loyola Marymount University | B.A. in Sociology
Graduate Experience: Southwestern Law School | J.D.

Marina Samson is looking forward to “coming home to LMU” to earn her EMBA degree. The mission-driven values she experienced as an LMU undergraduate student were top of mind as she researched graduate business programs.

What was the aha moment that led you to apply to the LMU Executive MBA Program?
My first job out of law school was in environmental corporate defense dealing with environmental compliance and litigation. After a couple years, I felt I was not obtaining a broad enough experience. So, I moved to a new law firm where I worked on business-related topics including contracts, shareholder issues, corporate compliance and employment law. I realized that I enjoyed the business aspects of the cases and decided to explore positions in the corporate world that combined business and law.

Why did you choose the LMU EMBA Program?
Having attended LMU as an undergraduate, the university’s EMBA Program felt like I was coming home. I looked at other programs but LMU offered the best fit because of its values-driven environment. The program is highly ranked and offers a quality education with an intimate learning experience. I know I will build lifelong relationships with professors and fellow students. With a prime location in the heart of Silicon Beach, the LMU EMBA Program will provide me with many advantages and professional development resources to advance into leadership positions in business and legal affairs at Fortune 500 companies.

What do you hope to achieve professionally with your LMU graduate education?
My primary goal is to transition into business and legal affairs at a large company and be ready for C-suite leadership. An EMBA is a life-serving degree that will open doors to numerous future opportunities such as moving into compliance, strategy or sustainability departments at a corporation.

What are you most excited about as you enter the program?
Being back at LMU and interacting with the professors. LMU is a special place that teaches you how to make an impact and drive change. I am also looking forward to not being in a room full of lawyers but with classmates from diverse backgrounds. The opportunity to grow personally and professionally is exciting.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?
Attending my daughter’s high school basketball games is at the top of my list. However, I will have an empty nest when my daughter starts Claremont McKenna this fall. Other favorites include attending the LA Opera, exploring LA’s culturally diverse neighborhoods and hiking, especially La Tuna Canyon.