Marketing Students from Paris Offer Advice to Newly-Launched Business

Ayax1 - Marketing Students from Paris Offer Advice to Newly-Launched Business
Ricardo Solar, President and CEO of Ayax Systems

The College of Business Administration hosted its annual LMU Business Exchange event on the afternoon of Friday, March 1st. This year’s theme focused on cutting-edge web-based sales and marketing technology and welcomed mid-level marketing executives from HEC (Paris) School of Management’s Executive MBA Program as the final leg of a 10-day West Coast study tour.

Program presenters Ricardo Solar, President and CEO of Ayax Systems, and Peggy Horejsi, VP of Delivery and Operations, kicked things off with a quick overview of their newly-launched company, Up and running for only a month, offers activities, materials and strategies to support skill areas associated with attention, impulse control, behavior and learning. These resources are designed to enhance the capabilities of all children and youth in the areas mentioned, and for the treatment of problems associated with ADHD / ADD, dyslexia and learning disabilities, among others.

After discussing the company’s financial objectives, customer acquisition forecast and marketing strategy, Ricardo and Peggy had the students split up into teams to brainstorm possible short and mid-term marketing strategies. Taking the 4 Ps into consideration (product strategy, price strategy, place and promotion), the students came up with a number of ideas and suggestions on how can successfully enter the market.

Organized by CBA Management Professor Charles Vance, LMU Business Exchange events have taken place on campus since 2004 to attract local business professionals and help them become more familiar with LMU’s great programs and students. The program has several key benefits, including:

  • Valuable insights from stimulating, interactive “hot topic” discussions
  • Networking with like-minded business leaders and invited special-topic experts in a supportive, fertile, and confidential setting featuring a rich exchange of ideas, feedback and valuable resource contacts
  • Access to the “best practices” information, training and project resources of LMU’s College of Business Administration to assist you in managing ongoing company challenges, change and development opportunities

For more information about the LMU Business Exchange program and to learn about upcoming events, please contact Dr. Charles Vance at