MBA Alumni Profile: Norma Miranda ’07

Since joining Herbalife Nutrition over a decade ago, Norma Miranda ’07 has led teams to launch over 300 products, traveled extensively across the globe, and held a variety of positions in marketing and operations. In fact, not only has she been promoted into different positions, but has helped create new roles at the company. Norma currently serves as manager of worldwide product strategy at Herbalife, where she puts her technical and cross-cultural leadership skills to use by driving global alignment on new product innovations and rollouts.

As chair of the LMU MBA Alumni Association, Norma is passionate about connecting with people, developing new ideas, and serving her community. She earned her undergraduate degree in marketing with an entrepreneurship minor from Loyola University New Orleans. Learn more about Norma’s experience at LMU, the humanitarian issue that’s near and dear to her heart, and how an MBA helped her achieve career success. Check out her LinkedIn profile.

Why did you decide to get your MBA?

I wanted to ensure that I had a high-level education in key areas of business management to make the best decisions with a broader scope. I also wanted to be around individuals with the same thirst for knowledge, to be inspired by their success in “creating.” An MBA was fundamental for my entrepreneurial brain.

Why did you choose LMU?

I knew I wanted to attend another Jesuit institution. During my undergraduate studies at Loyola New Orleans, I quickly realized the benefits of Jesuit values – they really spoke to who I am as a person. The concept of being a man and woman with and for others, for example, is something I had always lived and knew I wanted to continue living as part of my career path. Separate from that, I wanted a ranked program, a beautiful location in a cosmopolitan city, and proximity to Asia as it was a continent I had yet to explore.

What did you enjoy most about the LMU MBA Program?

I enjoyed so many aspects of the program that it’s hard to choose just one. First, the network of people! I loved coming to the classroom because of the caliber of people around me – it was so valuable to hear all their different perspectives. The connections I made over 10 years ago have led me to a great group of people I consider my close friends. There are people abroad that I contact when I travel and connections I can turn to for work and life advice. Second, I loved my professors. I have incredible respect and admiration for the professors who taught me, broadened my horizons, and pushed me to always think critically. Finally, traveling with my MBA colleagues to Asia for a couple of weeks was an amazing experience where I created such special memories.

Congrats on completing 10 years at Herbalife! What do you think has been key to your success?

My key to success at Herbalife has been knowing what I want, offering positive contributions to the company, and thinking creatively. I have always aligned my own professional goals with the company culture and goals. By being secure in who I am and knowing how my talents can contribute to the betterment of the company, I have been able to do so much: lead difficult projects, establish new processes, take on new roles, travel internationally, mentor colleagues, build teams, and further the organizational goals for continued success. I always make sure to listen, evaluate the data available, make decisions, trust my gut, and think creatively.

How has having an MBA helped your career?

Having an MBA has provided me the tools I need when things get tough. During and immediately after the program, the tools were my recent learnings. As time passed, the “tools” became my network of friends and alums. I actually started at Herbalife because of a connection through the alumni association! I have also been able to count on the LMU professors as mentors in creating departments at work and so much more. My MBA has given me the confidence in who I am as a professional, but more than that, as a person.

What are your goals as chair of the MBA Alumni Association?

My goal is to connect! Connect alums back to the school and to each other. Connect the current students to the alumni. Connect the community to LMU.

Tell me about some of the volunteer/philanthropic activities you’re involved in.

I am extremely passionate about helping the homeless. I was born and raised in Honduras and the sight of a homeless child with no shoes begging on the streets is common. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2006, I was surprised at how pervasive homelessness is here. I have been involved in the homeless crisis in several ways. One organization is Worthy of Love, a group of amazing volunteers that host birthday parties for children living at the downtown Union Rescue Mission. Another is the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, where dinner is served on the streets of West Hollywood to hundreds of people every night. Volunteering with these organizations has helped me be more mindful of how blessed most of us are, how easy it is to help someone have a better day, and how we can all change the world through small actions.