MBA Program Launches New Curriculum

The LMU MBA Program has introduced a new and improved curriculum for the fall of 2015. The new program offers a more well-rounded MBA experience for students and increases the marketability and value proposition of the program. The redesign is in response to several factors including increased competition and changing market conditions. Other than a few minor enhancements in the early 1990s, this is the first time the MBA Program has undergone a significant revision since its inception in 1974.

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Key Changes

Students will now be able to complete their MBA degree in just 24 months – the first year will be structured as a cohort where students will complete the core coursework and the second year will offer more flexibility for students to select courses and electives based on their area of emphasis. Evening classes will now start a little later at 6:00 p.m. to accommodate working professionals.

“The cohort will be organized so that students take the same classes with the same people for the first year,” said Bill Semos, Director of the MBA Program. “This will create a greater sense of community and increase networking opportunities.”

Orientation Residentials and Skills Workshops

The cohort class will begin the program with two orientation residentials that prepare MBA candidates for successful completion of the program. These residentials include team building, a self-assessment, a case analysis and an introduction to the core curriculum. There will also be several Saturday workshops that focus on key business skills such as written and verbal communications, career development, ethical reasoning, critical thinking and leadership.

Global Study Requirement

An international study component will now be required, giving students the option to choose between the Bonn Program and the CMS Program.

“It’s not enough to require that students take a course in international business,” said President’s Professor of Marketing David Stewart in a March interview with The Loyolan. “Students need to step foot in another country to see firsthand how business is done. As part of their research projects, they’ll meet with business leaders and government officials to learn about the local culture and customs.”

Competitive Cost

A bundled tuition cost of $86,500 includes the orientation and workshops, the required international experience, books and parking. For a nationally-ranked MBA program, LMU offers enormous value compared to other universities in Los Angeles which charge up to $120,000.

Core Values Remain

Current MBA students will continue with the former program while all incoming students for fall 2015 will be a part of the new curriculum rollout. The MBA Program will keep many of the benefits that set LMU apart from competitors, such as small class sizes, flexibility, individual attention and personal development.

“We’re not just trying to train managers,” said Stewart. “The idea here is to not only get management skills and knowledge but also a perspective on contributing to the larger society of understanding the need for personal growth and strong grounding in ethical decision making.”

“This redesign is intended to modernize our curriculum and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace,” added Semos. “It is essentially an improvement upon what we already do very well.”