MBA Student Research Published by Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Quincy Adrienne Villanueva is ending her LMU MBA experience on a high note. She recently wrapped up a six-month international trade internship with the World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA), where she learned a lot about international trade and foreign direct investment.

Quincy also had the unique opportunity to deliver and present a wholistic research report on how the Los Angeles economy can leverage other countries’ competitive advantages in the bioscience industry. Under the leadership of Management Professor Anatoly Zhuplev, Quincy completed an independent study report titled “World Trade Center Los Angeles: Strategies for Development in the Competitive Business Landscape of Southern California.”

Her report published on the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce website (scroll all the way down to University Research Projects), which demonstrates the LMU College of Business Administration’s involvement and commitment to regional business development.

Set to graduate in May with her MBA, Quincy is now thinking about the next stop in her career journey. She’s currently seeking an MBA internship within the pharmaceutical industry, but is open to other opportunities that allow her to explore different positions and develop her skills.

Why did you pursue an MBA and why did you choose LMU?

I graduated with a B.S. in Human Biology from USC and continued on to their pharmacy program for a semester. During my rotations and internships, I realized that I was more drawn toward the business administration and management aspect of the industry. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA to have a greater understanding of the field. I chose LMU because they offered a part-time program which allowed me to work concurrently and apply what I learned in the classroom to a real-life setting.

How did you get involved in the WTCLA and what was that experience like?

CBA Dean Dayle Smith was kind enough to introduce me to Stephen Cheung, president of the WTCLA, which led to the opportunity to apply for their internship program. The experience was incredible. I was able to identify and connect international companies to local suppliers and manufacturers to carry out near future investments; create memos on research and recommendations for international companies around issues involving trade compliance, foreign investment, market entries, etc.; and spearhead social media and marketing content creation for the organization that reaches tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

As you look back on your LMU MBA experience, what stands out?

What stands out the most is the number of professors who are willing to help out students, not just academically, but with their future career goals. I would like to thank Dr. Zhuplev for the generous amount of time and effort he provided to guide me in the creation of this project!