Meet Accounting Alumna Jessica Ashley (“Jashley”) Dy ’19, M.S. ’20

Program: M.S. in Accounting
Hometown: Salinas, CA
Current Position: Assurance Staff, EY in Silicon Valley
Undergraduate Experience: Loyola Marymount University | B.S. in Accounting

What was the a-ha moment that led you to apply to LMU’s Graduate Business School?
In high school, I attended LMU Preview Day and listened to two women speak about the accounting program. I thought they were professors from their poise and grace, but lo and behold, they were seniors who had secured jobs with the Big 4. I thought – if this is what LMU produces, I want in. I also found out that day that LMU offered a 4+1 program in accounting, which would help me secure two degrees and a CPA license. From that day on, my sights were set on obtaining a M.S. in Accounting right after my B.S. in Accounting and doing it all at LMU. Attending LMU as an undergraduate has been the best experience I could have ever asked for; so, I wanted to find a way to stay as long as I could.

What do you hope to achieve professionally with your LMU graduate education?
I really like the firm I signed with (EY) and I can see myself staying there for a long time with my sights set on being a partner, which is a minimum 12-year track. The thing that excites me most about EY is the flexibility and uncertainty of knowing what each day holds – I could be at multiple client sites throughout the (Silicon) Valley and maybe finish my day off with a campus recruiting event! My purpose as an auditor will be to promote the public interest and reasonably assure that every statement I touch is clean for all to see and make decisions from it. I love learning new things and educating people and eventually, I’d like to become a professor. My family has always instilled in me that knowledge is power, and the best way to use this power is to share it with as many people as possible. Who knows – I could even be the first female CEO of Disney, sharing both knowledge and imagination around me!

What class and professor did you particularly enjoy this semester?
“Advanced Auditing” with Dr. Rosemary Kim. It gave me insight about what I’d be doing in the real world. I loved stopping by her office and chatting about my opportunities, questions, and even about the future – she impacted my journey tremendously and she cares deeply about what is going on with the students in and outside of the classroom as if they are her own kids. By listening and learning from her, I gained a deeper perspective about what it could be like to be a professor someday, especially one of her caliber.

How did you enjoy your time outside of the program?
People are always saying that I’m wise beyond my years but I needed to keep the kid inside of me happy; so, I went to Disneyland – a lot! Right after I finished my accounting homework, I would unwind by watching Disney+. I was in a Star Wars phase during the program.

What was your favorite thing about the City of Angels?
I loved the food – I visited the Bay Area often where the food is awesome, but there’s something about the diversity of food in Los Angeles that is unmatched. The most memorable spots for me were Labobatory in Pasadena, Pasta Sisters in Culver City, and basically every Korean BBQ place in between.