Student Profile: Jessica Ashley Dy

“Hi, my name is Jessica Ashley, but y’all can call me Jashley.”

For those who have had the pleasure of meeting accounting major Jessica Ashley Dy, they are no doubt familiar with her famous catchphrase. Since arriving at LMU from her hometown of Salinas, Calif., Jashley has been making her mark both inside and outside the classroom.

Jashley is involved in a number of LMU student organizations, including the Accounting Society, Han Tao (Chinese-American club), Isang Bansa (Filipino-American club), Beta Gamma Sigma, Toastmasters, Tomodachi Inouye Scholars Program and the Music Ministry. She has also accumulated an impressive array of awards and scholarships over the years. Jashley was awarded the Stephen & Judy Page Endowed Scholarship at last year’s Accounting Society Banquet, and is set to receive the Accounting Advisory Board scholarship at this year’s banquet in April.

In addition, Jashley has gained on-campus professional experience as a faculty administrative assistant for the Department of Accounting and student manager for Student Employment Services. She has also participated in several international study experiences in China, South Korea and Japan.

Of all her activities, the Accounting Society has proven to be the most beneficial, providing various opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the accounting profession and expand her professional network.

“The Accounting Society has allowed me to develop myself as a professional by fostering an environment of networking that is crucial to building a career,” said Jashley. “I have met the most wonderful people through the society – peers, faculty, alumni and firm professionals – who have made a real impact on the accounting professional I am today.”

To understand how Jashley got to where she is today, you need to know a bit about her family background. She credits her Filipino grandfather, or “Lolo” as she affectionately calls him, and mother for inspiring her to pursue a career in accounting. Both became U.S. citizens nearly 30 years ago and led successful accounting careers. Her mother worked her way up the corporate ladder from an accounting clerk to the controller position she holds today.

“Their work ethic, integrity and passion for the field is what I hold dear and hope to influence others as I move forward,” said Jashley. “Showing pride as a first-generation Filipina-Chinese American is very important to me – it is the primary fuel that motivates me to represent my community and inspire those from similar backgrounds.”

When it came time to choose a university, Jashley says LMU stood out for several reasons: small class sizes, personal attention, Jesuit principles and beautiful campus. She was especially impressed with LMU’s strong reputation in accounting.

“I knew I wanted to find a place that could challenge me intellectually and give me a competitive edge in the accounting industry following graduation,” said Jashley.

Jashley’s career trajectory appears to be right on track. She recently completed her bachelor’s degree in accounting in December and started LMU’s M.S. in Accounting program this spring. After tackling the CPA exam and graduating with her master’s in accounting, Jashley will start full-time at EY’s Silicon Valley office, where she served as an assurance intern last summer.

“I love the opportunities and challenges of public accounting,” said Jashley. “To me, it feels like the ‘big leagues’ that I have dreamt of since I was a little girl.”

Jashley’s long-term career goals are to become a partner at a public accounting firm as well as a college professor once she has amassed enough professional experience.

“I believe that learning should not be kept to oneself but extended to as many people as possible,” said Jashley. “What is knowledge if it cannot be used toward the greater good? I want to be a catalyst for knowledge and change – and use my experiences and corporate connections to make an impact as a global leader and business innovator.”