Students Experience Asian Culture in Korea and China

Each year, the Center for Asian Business sends students to Korea and China as part of a popular course called “Exploring Asian Culture.” This course introduces students to the culture and history of East Asia and gives them a better understanding of today’s Asian business world. Since 2009, the Center for Asian Business has sent 125 students to Asia as part of this course.

Marki Hackett, assistant director for the Center for Asian Business, and LMU Asian Studies professor Charlotte D’Evelyn accompanied 19 freshmen and sophomores to Seoul and Busan, Korea and Beijing and Shanghai, China from May 20 to June 4.

Students attended lectures at LMU during the spring semester before embarking on two weeks overseas touring cultural and historical sites, attending on-site lectures and visiting local companies. In Korea, they visited the DMZ, Hyundai Auto Plant, CJ E&M, Samsung Innovation Museum and the Korea Foundation. Students also participated in a kimchi making session. In China, they visited cultural sites including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Silk Market, Shanghai Museum as well as corporate visits to the U.S. Embassy, KPMG, Adient/Johnson Controls and Coca-Cola Shanghai.

“This program provides students with an opportunity to enhance their global imagination and intercultural skills, and prepares them to be global citizens,” said Hackett. “Our hope is that this experience will impart students with new world views and positively impact their future career development in this ever-growing and interconnected global economy.”