The College of Business Administration Launches CBA Advantage

In fall 2020, the College of Business Administration (CBA) at Loyola Marymount University implemented CBA Advantage, an innovative new program that helps students track all of their learning outside the classroom, which will give them a leg up as they apply for their first job or land that critical internship. Joe Andriano, CBA’s assistant dean for student engagement, explains that the program is “a state-of-the-art online platform that helps CBA students find amazing learning opportunities outside the classroom.” CBA Advantage allows students to collect their own personal variety of unique educational experiences on the app’s ePortfolio profile and share their unique experiences with employers.

The creation of the CBA Advantage program was driven by the CBA’s mission: “We advance knowledge and develop business leaders with moral courage and creative confidence to be a force for good in the global community.” Each activity in CBA Advantage falls into one of five mission-driven categories, which reinforces the CBA’s commitment to develop business leaders who approach their careers holistically.

Students earn points in the CBA Advantage app by engaging in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities outside the classroom. Not only can students earn points for attending speakers and workshops, but also can earn points for starting a student organization, publishing a peer-reviewed article, serving as an officer in a student organization, or even keeping their resume up-to-date. This rewards students for engaging holistically in their educational journey, helping them keep their focus on the many opportunities that the CBA offers.

As students earn points and build their ePortfolios, they can also choose to participate in the CBA Advantage leaderboard which shows live updates of those who earn the most points within the CBA Advantage program and rewards the leaders at the end of the semester with prizes. This gamification helps students focus on career-oriented opportunities and engage outside the classroom like never before.

Beginning in the fall 2020 semester, participation in CBA Advantage is required for all new CBA students to graduate, putting learning opportunities offered outside the classroom front and center in their overall LMU experience. Through CBA Advantage, CBA students can make sure they are getting the most out of their education while developing valuable skills to become business leaders who are a force for good in the global community. CBA Advantage is a terrific tool for CBA students to maximize their opportunity for success while at LMU and beyond.